DimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlock

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DimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlockDimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlockDimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlockDimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlockDimasTech® Nethuns WaterBlock
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After years of dedication to the Extreme Cooling, the production of cooling systems, Pot and especially to our Dimastech Bench / Test Table versions Easy, Hard, EasyHard marked success Dimastech® is now looking to satisfy those clients addicted to use of less extreme systems such as Liquid Cooling.

After a long period of research, study and test comes this new product branded Dimastech® and entirely produced in Italy:

Dimastech® Nethuns WaterBlock

As Dimastech® Tradition this new product reflects the fundamental principles of our Company:

  • Excellent Performance
  • Refined aesthetics, Curated but at the same time simple and functional
  • Excellent ratio quality / price
  • Ability to Customize

The Dimastech Nethuns is certainly to be seen but also to be tested ,  mounting the waterblock you can be sure to equip your system with a waterblock capable of combining performance and design all at a reasonable price.

Dimastech Nethuns® Water Block Black

Key Features:

  • Dimastech Nethuns® Water Block comes complete with universal bracket 775/1156/1366 and AM2/AM3 (coming soon), screws and springs.
  • Base structure: matrix Micropin 
  • Optimal operating range: 100 to 500 l / h
  • All parts of our Water Block are removable and interchangeable to ensure, if necessary, a perfect maintenance or during cleaning, or a fast substitution of a broken part.

Technical Specifications of Dimastech Nethuns® Water Block


  • Matrix Micropin
  • Material: Pure Electrolytic Copper C110 (Size: 55x55mm) 
  •  Inner Workings: Precision micro milling
  • External Processing: Grinding, brushing, polishing and lapping Base
  • Closing by stainless steel screws
  • Manual Final Finishing


  • Made of black Delrin 
  • Internal work carried out by numerically controlled milling
  • Outside processing through CNC milling and polishing the final aesthetic
  • Custom O-Ring
  • Fixing the base by 8 steel screws
  • Finishing with logos & Nethuns Dimastech ® Water Block in white


  • The fittings are not included and therefore not provided in the package
  • The fittings must be purchased separately in the section "Fittings"

Compatibility Connections:

  • Compatibility compression fittings: maximum diameter of the outer ring of each ring: 25 mm, maximum depth permissible for the thread: 5 mm
  • Possibility of mounting fittings tube holder, quick release and compression hose 3 / 8 id 1 / 2 OD up to 25 mm in diameter and maximum depth permissible for the thread: 5 mm
  • Please choose the compatible fittings in the section "Fittings" and insert it into the cart during the purchase (order): Not accepted complaints about incorrect orders or oversights during purchase.

Fixing Bracket:

  • Galvanized steel, thickness 1.5 mm   
  • Precision Laser Cutting     
  • Phosphate
  • Powder Coating

Colour Bracket Dimastech ® Nethuns Waterblock:

  • Glossy Black

Compatible Processors: 

  • Intel Socket 775    
  • Intel Socket 1156 I5      
  •  Intel Socket 1366 I7     
  • AM2/AM3 (Coming Soon)

Screws Clamps:

  • Steel length 50mm threaded M4     
  • Nylon insulating washers (2 sizes)      
  •  Stainless steel bolts  M4    
  • Knurled nuts M4     
  • Spring realized in harmonic stainless steel burnished


  • Polishing Base Waterblock
  • Stick Dimastech ® Logo and Logo Nethuns waterblock

Final Weight:

  • Dimastech ® Nethuns waterblock with screws and bracket: 350 g