DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic Grey

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DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic GreyDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 Metallic Grey
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DimasTech®, a Global Leader in the production of Bench/Test Tables, is pleased to announce the latest evolution of the Famous Bench Table Easy: The DimasTech® Bench/Test Tables® Easy V3.0

The DimasTech® Bench Table in the Model Easy is one of the Master Piece of the Company, the key facts that make it very unique are the shape, the functionality and the rich bundle always included. The Easy model have a Long Story, started in 2006 and thanks to success achieved in this years we are proud to offer a totally renew product but with a look to the past and it’s original form at the beginning.

The Key Words in this New Product are:

  • Evolution
  • Completeness
  • Modularity

Evolution: The DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 comes the evolution of previous versions optimizing the attention to detail and with the highest attention to the creation of Special fixing screws that would provide convenience during installation, thanks to this new born idea with eyelets designed to allow you to add and remove components without the need for screws but with a special anti-vibration hardware with a simple "clip".

Completeness: a salient feature of  Version V3.0 is the  Completeness, in fact
The DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 contains a set of Brand New Support as DimasTech®  “Through Wall Fitting Support" to organize the tubes in Version 16/17mm but also screws totally new designed and the ability to make your bench table complete with a very wide variety of accessories.

The DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0 stands for Modularity: which have been studied here all the compatibility to make the product complete and satisfactory, the new Easy V3.0 has the possibility installing lots of new Accessories: up to 5 Radiators thanks to the range of products DimasTech® Radext particular Stand Designed by Team DimasTech, hoses Watercooling will no longer be in a mess thanks to the DimasTech® “Through Wall Fitting Support " to organize the tubes in Version 16/17 (already provided in bundles) or 20/23 (Optional), New Support for the Pumps but also the New Panel I/O includes two USB 3.0 Ports, 1 Audio IN, Audio OUT 1 and 1 E-SATA.

The New "DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V3.0" have been created to support all Motherboards on the market, Radiators for WaterCooling up to Model 360 (120x3) or Model 280 (140x2) positioned on both sides and on the front of  the Bench/Test Table, Power Supplies and Fans of all sizes from the smallest to the largest.
Perfectly supports the installation of Complete WaterCooling Systems with dedicated supports, modular and adaptable to every need.
Here it becomes important, indeed indispensable, Space, thanks to the fact important dimensions DimasTech® puts no limits to the realization of your Liquid Cooling System every accessory can find the right space to make your very own Bench/Test Tables.


  • 430mm Depth x 490mm Width x 205mm Height (Height is measured by considering the Rubber Feet and not considering the 25mm spacers to support the Motherboard and 8 slot Expansion Boards Support)

Bench Table Colour:

  • Metallic Grey

Supports Colour:

  • Graphite Black (Matt Black)

Production Specifications:

  • CNC Laser Cutting of sheet thickness 1.5 mm
  • Hand Welding
  • Powder Coating
  • Finish and Quality Control Standard in accordance with strict internal regulations
  • "Made in Italy"

Technical Specifications:

  • Motherboard Compatibility ATX, Full ATX, NanoATX, MicroATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX, MiniITX
  • Installation of up to 3 Devices 5.25 inches
  • Installation of up to 4 Hard Drive 3.5 Inch - (Optional up to 8 Hard Drive 3.5 Inch - BT149)
  • Wide Step Area under the Socket for Heat Sinks removal.
  • New DimasTech® Buttons for Reset and Power Switch with LEDs Ring
  • 8 PCI Slots
  • Compatibility with Power Supplies up to 22cm in length,
  • DimasTech ® Knurled Screws M3 and 6-32 (Step UNC) complete with Knurled Nuts - all made of Anodised Aluminium.
  • Rubber Feet
  • 1 DimasTech ® FlexFan 120 V2.0
  • Lower drawer with sliding track and fixing with ThumbScrews
  • Positioning Supports Peripherals with Quick Release Hardware Antivibration DimasTech®
  • Positioning Devices Supports Modulable
  • Total Elimination of the use of the External Instrument
  • Possibility Mounting Panel - I/O DimasTech® V2.0 (including 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Audio IN / OUT 1 Audio, 1 E-SATA) - (Sold separately in the Accessories Section BT163)
  • Compatibility with Radiators up to 360 (Fan 120mmx3) or 280 (140x2) - Radiators 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, and Black Ice Sr 360 (20mm fan space)
  • Pump Support compatible with DDC (DDC 3.25), DCC (DCC 300, 500, DCC-1RT), D5, AQUASTREAM XT, SANSO PD054 (Sold separately in the Accessories Section BT152)
  • Possibility mounting DimasTech® Radext  up to 5 Positions (up to 360) on the upper part of the Bench with fixing system Tooless (on both sides SX and DX and on Frontal) - (http://www.dimastech.it/EN/c/dimastech-waterstations/shrouds/1/ /)
  • Full Compatibility with the Support of the Products Series Mini V1.0

Package Included:

  • DimasTech® Bench / Test Table Easy V3.0
  • 1 DimasTech® HD Support 3,5"  x 4 Slot
  • 1 DimasTech® Support for Optical Drive 5,25" x 3 Slot
  • 1 DimasTech® Expansion Board Support 8 Slots
  • 1 DimasTech® PSU Support
  • 1 DimasTech® Through Wall Fitting Support for Organizing Tubes 16/17
  • 1 DimasTech ® FlexFan 120 V2.0
  • A Complete Kit of Screws for Hardware, Knurled Screws to Support Expansion Cards, PushButtons (Ring LEDs) and Cables DimasTech ® Reset and Power and DimasTech® Feet.
  • 10 DimasTech® Spacers 25mm
  • 1 DimasTech Sticker ®
  • Installation Manual DimasTech ® (Downloadable from the Site for each Article, Section or directly from the News Blog - all in accordance with the Environment)


  • In Section Bench / Test Table, category Accessories, you will find the complete list of accessories available in the catalog.

Time to Fulfill your Order:

  • 5 Business Days if Available